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A Thread for best features in good lock app

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Goodlock is an extra Customizing app by which you can setup your device just according to you want. I research about good lock app and here is some interesting things i find out.

Good Lock uses modules that can be added by users, each of which provides a different sort of customization. Some of the many modules available include:
  • ClockFace, which customizes the clock on the always-on display or lock screen
  • KeysCafe, which customizes the Samsung Keyboard
  • LockStar, which customizes the lock screen
  • One Hand Operation+, which adds a customizable gesture control system
  • Theme Park, which lets users create their own theme
  • Home Up, which customizes the home screen, apps screen and share menu
  • NavStar, which customizes the navigation bar
  • QuickStar, which customizes the quick panel and the top info bar
Here is some detail features can be customized by various modules.
1. quickstar ->
  • Color Customization:
    Personalize your "Quick Settings" panel with this module. Change colors to match your wallpaper or create a vibrant theme.

  • Notification Panel Customization:
    Customize your notification panel, from the Wi-Fi icon to the date and battery percentage
2. Keyscafe 
  • Color Customization: Fully customize the colors of keys, background, and font. 
  • Effects: Choose to add color effects and motion effects.
  • Sound: Choose your preferred touch sound. 
3. Navstar 
  • Customize Navigation Bar Icons: Swap out the standard icons with something more unique to you.

  • Adjust Layout and Spacing: Tweak the arrangement of your navigation buttons and adjust the spacing.
4. Edge lightning+
  • Add a touch of elegance to your notifications.

  • Customize how your screen reacts when you receive calls or messages
5. Clockface
  • This module allows you to personalize your lock screen clock styles, add information like the date and weather, and even enable a dynamic lock screen
6. Lockstar
  • LockStar allows you to redefine your lock screen's appearance

  • Transform your lock screen from clock styles to notifications.