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Secure Folder

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Secure folder comes inbuild with S8 , S8 , S9 , S9 , NOTE 8, NOTE 9. Secure Folder is a place where you can keep your Photos, Videos, files, apps, etc private and can be only accessible with your pin or biometric authentication. Its an encrypted spac...

[SOLVED] Secure Folder

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Many thanks for Samsung Support. I have attached the Solution/Workaround. I still prefer to have the option inside the gallery like before, but at least now i can remove the files from the folder. Anyone facing issues with secure folder? It's been 2 ...

Posted by: JimmyA
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Samsung Pay

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So Samsung forces Facebook on me by making it a system app,so the only way to delete the app is to root and then by doing that Knox is tripped and now even though I reinstalled the official rom and am not rooted anymore now I get blocked from using S...


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How can I increase the limit of my text messages? I mean a text message is automatically converted into a MMS if its letters are increased from the limit of 2 text messages.

Posted by: bushi
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Secure folder error

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After the new software updating i lost access of secure folder .It shows contact IT admin to reset knox lock type.Any one faced this problem.How to backup my data from the folder.

Posted by: NjL1
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SecureFolder Not Opening

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In my A5 2017, i have downgrade my Android version from 7.0 to 6.0.1 but SecureFolder is not opening it shows (unauthorised software is installed) and SamsungMember's is also not opening.please Tell me what is the solution. {THIS IS MY SECOND DEVICE}...