Beginner Level 2
Secure Folder
Dear Samsung
I'm a user of your Samsung galaxy A51 smartphone. You recently pushed a update on this smartphone which is very good and I updated too but I would like to tell you to add a feature in one ui 3 in secure folder setting. Prior I was able to read, reply, accept or decline a call directly from notification panel after entering into secure folder without opening that app in which I had got a message in secure folder but now due to your privacy focused mind setup you have removed this feature which is very inconvenient for us but you still kept the feature of "show content of notification from app in secure folder" outside of secure folder which rarely anyone use it because if a person is creating a secure folder then they must want to hide their person information. You should add a feature "show content of notification from app in secure folder inside secure folder".

Keeping in mind that Samsung is known for best end user customization services for which you had created one ui so you should must bring back this feature fully customized by a end user. 

Hoping for a favorable response from your side soon.
Thanking you