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How to record weight via smart scale in Samsung health?

(Topic created on: 03-29-2022 11:37 AM)
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Samsung Health
Hi I have a xioami smart scale and a Huawei body fat scale. The Huawei doesn't serm to pair worth Samsung health but the xioami does. However it is not clear how to record weight into the app via the smart scale. I got it right once by accident when I reregistered the scale. I tried they again today but no luck. When you select body composition on the app and select record, it appears as if it is about to sync with watch 4 body comp. There is no clear communication of how to record weight specifically. Please improve the clarity on the app and please tell me how to do it so long. Also, what is the best scale for Samsung health? I would prefer not to have 3 apps syncing just to get weight into Samsung health. Your app is good enough as a standalone app but the number one aspect, weight, is problematic... Please help.