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Is there anyone who is also having a problem of not being able to update Android Chrome and Android Web View from Playstore ?

I couldn't update chrome from last month . So I tried removing all the updates ( since I couldn't completely remove the pre installed apps ) but now I have an older version of chrome which I can't update .

I left a mail to the Devs mail from Playstore regarding this and got sent a mail that the email is no longer active .

I thought the problem was only on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy M10) but even on another recently purchased Samsung Galaxy M21 this is the same problem .

The problem for me started roughly started after android security patch from Samsung .

Is there a solution to delete the pre installed apps ? 

Current chrome version : 81.0.4044.138
Current Playstore version : 22.3.15-21 [0][PR] 336769479
Current Play services version : 20.39.15

Samsung Galaxy M10. ( SM105F)
OS : Android 10 
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update on this :
I installed Chrome Beta and been using it for the last week .
It had an update today I couldn't update it too .
finally I tried reinstalling it after deleting it and now I can't install it .

This problem is persistent on both of my Samsung Galaxy M10 and Samsung Galaxy M21
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I was also facing same problem so I have shifted on Android web view beta version . u also try this plz accept as solution.