Expert Level 2
People wants to save more data even if they use highly 800 mb to 1gb data per day of 1.5 gb ( approx)
Now come to the point the ultra data saving option is just a joke. You can easily restrict the background data for any app in the settings without giving anyone the usase permission ( Samsung max wants this permission to close background data for an specific app )

Go to settings >connections>data usase and turn on data saver to block all background apps from using data in the background & to allow any specific app like WhatsApp to use background data you can see a option there allow app while data saver is on go there and toggle the switch on for the specific apps.

Otherwise go to app info then mobile data and chose restrict background data
*note if you restrict the background data using ยฒnd method you can't allow it using the allow app while data saver option is enable 
To allow fristly go to app info enable background data.

And also the Samsung max app gives spammy ads in the lock screen like galaxy note 9 @ rs 1999 only or congratulations you have won rs 50000 paytm/ phonepe cash etc so please don't use it probably its ad module also not safe.

And the ยฒnd point is blocking the https request,  i couldn't understand or find which specific request they block its like just to create hype that it have saved you

The ยณrd point no vpn only ip masking - people are thinking that Samsung max is giving them a vpn but its **bleep**. samsung max just camouflages ( masks ) your ipv4 networks ( there are two - ipv4 & ipv6 , vpn hides both but Samsung max hides only one )so your location may be easily detected or may not but your device,  imei of device etc all is visible while only blocking the ipv4.

Its same if you use a proxy service ( no vpn needed , you can open a geo ( not jio )  restricted website through this its like a vpn for a single page )
Or you may use my ip hide ( ip hider but blocks both ipv4 & ipv6 )
Or the best is use a vpn

Or use tor vpn for most protection its changes your ip automatically after some second ( * some download links may not work like downloading from dropgalaxy , Google drive , mediafire , Mega etc would auto canceled as your ip changes so use a normal vpn for downloading from these sites )

Hope it helps and please don't use the Samsung max