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My place is not listed in weather channel

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My place "Komarapalayam" Tamilnadu India is not listed in weather channel. I am using Samsung galaxy S8+. In my previous device S7 edge my place was listed in weather report. Even after turning on my location i am connected with nearby city named "Bh...

FLAUNT on gear s2

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flaunt widget is showing on my gear s2 but even after turn8ng it on the screen is turned off automatically or by turning wrist. help


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Is the headphone of Samsung guru (about 2000 rupees) equal in every way to the headphone of Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (about 10000 rupees)?

Posted by: imrans
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C9 Pro Camera

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Sir I'm using c9 pro.there is lot of camera issue in the handset. these phone is 16 mp camera hardware but the camera taking a blur photos. I already reset my camera settings.but their is no improvement. please improve in the camera. so please update...

Change after update!!

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updated my c9 pro to the latest version (190 mb) but didn't see any change in the ui or in ram management..have I gone blind?or has something changed?

Posted by: tyRion
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june security patch update in j2 2015😂😂😂😂j2 is better than j5 prime😂😂😂😃😅😅😅😅😅😅