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Not really sure how this works. I guess I just go ahead and type my suggestion.
So Samsung has been updating their UI and it has gotten really good over the past few years.
One UI is really easy to use and makes navigating through such a large screen as easy as it gets. The best  user interface would be one who's commands or gestures would be aligned with the natural gestures a user would make, it's as simply and swiping to make calls and tapping to open apps. Having used UI for a I've got a few slight suggestions that would make make certain simpler tasks much easier.
1.swiping on you alarm to delete it instead of tape and hold, yea it is a small thing but swiping just feels more natural for such a task.
2.tap and hold on picture in gallery to edit it. Right now the edit icon is on the bottom and tap and hold does nothing. Making this change would add another dimension to interaction between the user and the gallery app. 
Also now that there's space for an extra icon at the bottom why not move the Bixby vision icon over there instead to the top right. Yes most people dont really use Bixby and yes it doesnt always work well. But keeping it the bottom will get more people to use it, experience it, find problems,which then can be fixed to make it a very useful addition to the phones features
This is just a random post with suggestions because I dont really know where and how to send user feedback.
If anyone knows a better way to send my feedback to samsung, do let me know.
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Your idea is valuable to us. Please be advised that this was shared to the concerned team and we hope it can be considered for future innovations. 


Thank you.