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Samsung Pay in it's best form is one and only......

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Samsung Pay came to the market a long back ago and has been an important feature for me to choose a device out of the options.

I almost use it atleast twice a day (and that too for a very good excuse which I'll come to).

  • And the reason for it is, that it is exclusive to Samsung users and despite Apple having their own inferior version of it, it is not as available to users Pay.

That's funny I know but I ain't kidding.

  • But coming to convenience, it is The Fastest & Safest UPI & POS Payment processor. You just have to swipe up black but unkowningly alive AMOLED display and this app powers up "out of the black" blue.
  • You simply choose the Card authenticate using fingerprint and just hover almost anywhere on the POS device and IT'S DONE!!!
  • Choose a scan the QR, choose bank & enter been not only to make the payment but also earn guaranteed reward points on every transaction. No hassle to turn on location or bluffing scratch cards which only wishes us "Better luck next time" !
  • Also so far it easily gives you all the options to pay as soon as you enter a number or scan a QR. It shows all the linked UPI as well as Bank Addresses and on top of that shows if the merchant is accepting wallet payments thru Paytm, Freecharge & Mobikwik.
  • Similar to cards, it allows you to store and manage multiple UPI-linked bank accounts, muliple wallets account (for Paytm, Freecharge & Mobikwik each) and redeemed gift cards.
  • But amazingly it also supports club membership cards & transport passes in international variants.
  • And since it has a limited load compared to other largely available UPI processors, it has a very - very -very low fail rate.
  • The card payment service can work offline along with securely storing the "masked" version of your credit cards original credentials. You may notice a different 4-digit card ending number on the screen where the card flashes during making payments.
These are way more than features to convince anyone to choose Samsung Pay any day. If you don't think so, change my opinion for an Amazon Voucher.

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