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Samsung Internet browser

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Samsung internet browser allows saving profiles/passwords and cards in the browser.

My understanding is that these are saved apart of Samsung pass. Correct?

And another question - if saved directly in the browser, where are stored (in the phone or cloud)?  What is the security for the profiles/passwords/cards saved directly in the browser.


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Yes, it is correct. While Samsung Pass is a comprehensive service that helps you manage and securely store your passwords, biometrics, and payment information, the Samsung Internet browser also has its own built-in functionality to save and manage profiles, passwords.

When you save login credentials or payment information in the Samsung Internet browser, it stores this data locally on your device. On the other hand, Samsung Pass offers a more centralized and secure solution by storing your sensitive information in a protected vault. Samsung Pass utilizes biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to authenticate and autofill login credentials and payment information securely across various apps and websites.

When you save profiles, passwords, and cards directly in the Samsung Internet browser, the information is stored locally on your device. It is not stored in the cloud or synced across multiple devices unless you manually import or export the data.

The security of profiles, passwords, and cards saved directly in the browser relies on the security features of your device. If someone gains physical access to your device, they might be able to access this information. Therefore, it's crucial to use device security measures like PIN, password, fingerprint, or facial recognition to protect your device.