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We would like to inform users about the One UI 2 upgrade with Android 10 update for our Galaxy customers.


Following is the detailed breakdown of the scheduled dates according to devices. (The devices that have already received the update can be found below the list of Eligible Models)


Eligible Models

- Galaxy J6+ (October)

*Models highlighted in blue have received new dates for the scheduled update


Update Completed

- Galaxy S10+ (December)
- Galaxy S10 (December)
- Galaxy S10e (December)
- Galaxy S9+ (February)
- Galaxy S9 (February)
- Note 9 (January)
- Galaxy M20 (January)
- Note 10/10+ (December)
- Galaxy A30 (February)
- Galaxy A50s (March)
- Galaxy A80 (March)
- Galaxy A7 (2018) (May)
- Galaxy A50 (June)
- Galaxy A6 (June)
- Galaxy A8 Star (June)
- Galaxy A10 (June)
- Galaxy A6+ (June)
- Galaxy A9 (2018) (June)
- Galaxy A70s (March)
- Galaxy M30s (June)
- Galaxy A30s (June)
- Galaxy A10s (June)
- Galaxy A20 (June)
- Galaxy A20s (June)
- Galaxy Tab S6 (June)
- Galaxy A70 (June)
- Galaxy J6 (July)
- Galaxy J7 Duo (August)
- Galaxy J8 (July)
- Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (August)
- Galaxy Tab S4 (August)
- Galaxy Tab A8 (2019) (July)
- Galaxy Tab S5e (August)
- Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) (August)

- Galaxy M10 (August)
- Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (September)
- Galaxy J4 (September)


Providing a continued great experience is our first priority.

Update schedule and eligible models could be changed if we encounter any issues through ongoing review.

The update may also be halted for a while even after the official update, when an emergency fix is occurred.

We will notify through Samsung Members if there is any schedule or model list changes.