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Our bodies are extraordinary. They contain elements that have a commercial value, megabytes of data, and trillions of cells, most of which aren't our own.

Just input your date of birth, Gender at birth, height and weight, and choose the metric or imperial units that make most sense to you.

Of all the cells in your body, how many are actually yours?

And instantly find out:

• The chemical ingredients that make up you, and what your body is worth
• How many atoms you are made of, and what can be made with them
• How many fat, blood, skin and brain cells you have
• How much genetic data is inside you
• How many other microbes live on your body with you
• The size and weight of your internal organs
• How much wee, poo, **bleep** or eggs you have produced so far
• How many times you have blinked, breathed, yawned and farted
• And so much more

Explore, enjoy, and share with your friends either the whole page, or your favourite insights, comparing your vital statistics.


• Bill Gates is actually worth $1,956
• Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has five times fewer cells in his brain than in his liver
• Top tennis player Serena Williams has 24.5 trillion red blood cells powering her body
• Internet and social media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg’s body contains 800MB of data
• President Barack Obama’s head rules his heart; his brain weighs 1.4kg, his heart just 0.4kg

You can enjoy the experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 and above are the best browsers to use.


*Under-Lined "How Much Of Your Body Is Your Own" is the link to BBC Article.


For Weight Covert Kgs To Stone (St) and Pound (Lbs) . Here


Example: 75 Kg = 11 stone and 11.3467 lb

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I think, that we own our bodies 100%. Everything is a reaction from our life experience.
yes, I totally agree to that.

this was made to know the value of Human being and Environment around us in a fun way .... .
Abhi dekho na... mere surrounding mein Oxygen zyaada ho raha hai. Brb 🚬😎