1. Galaxy Store
In my opinion  Samsung  have to discontinue  this service because

A. Every android smartphone  users know about           play store  not about Galaxy Store. 
B. Play store  provide app updates  faster then the       Galaxy store.
C. What is the use of 2nd app store in a                           smartphone  when Samsung provides same             apps on play store too.
D.  In case Samsung  discontinue  this service                Samsung users have some more  space in        RAM & ROM and  CPU also have ome free              time to do something  more efficiently.

2. Bluetooth
     No suggestion  for BT from my side

3. Samsung Pay (most useful app in my device)

A. I request Samsung HQ to pls provide same experience  to every Samsung users. We all know Samsung have Samsung  pay mini service too So I request you to pls provide  Samsung Pay mini to all those Galaxy devices not supported  by full Samsung pay service. Atlist users can experience  Samsung pay UPI services Experience. Please  provide  them a chance for proudly  say I am a Samsung Pay user.

B. If Samsung can do then provide  a feature like when two Samsung pay device come closers they can transfer  money by taping there back side together.

C. One last feature  I really need is Metro card in my Samsung Pay. There is a lot of users need this feature  on there phone but Samsung have technically, Experience and a base to do this. In my opinion  this is the right time to do this during COVID 19 situation.
Expert Level 5
how Samsung can discontinue galaxy store? can you find Bixby service in play store? galaxy store is Samsung own invention as other companies have their own separately
bro may be Samsung is going to discontinue Galaxy Store soon.
why we need two app stores when Samsung can and still providing same app on both app stores ?
no they will not ...discontinue....neither galaxy store nor Bixby voice to Google....few Samsung own apps are there which you can't find in play store
that is old news ....recently Samsung told ..they will not do such that things