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Being a loyal galaxy user, few suggestions for the One Ui 3.x ::

1)-Optimised night charging (Somewhat like other brands are doing, very slow charging whole night and optimum charge in morning) so as to reduce battery wear and expect longer lasting.

2)-More camera pro settings and access to the M series as well. Also, single take feature on M30s.

3)-For and from all the M series users, samsung at least provide some more goodlock modules such as theme park, clock faces, etc.

4)-M30s being similar hardware configuration as M21 and M31, please provide One ui core 3.x (3.1 etc) to all in future updates.

5)-More privacy security to M series (non knox devices) with software updates.

6)-Paste option in the samsung keyboard for M series (These few things are at least basics.)

7)-Apps support for Windows 10 pc companion - Link to windows on M series.

8)-Remove ads from weather widget! Make Ui more personal and maintain the privacy.

9)-Twitter or social media feed on One Ui Home.

For the Samsung Gallery ::

1)- More optimisation in object eraser and also provide for M series.

2)-Better layer selection while editing in the gallery app, right now the layer selection is not optimum and useless.

3)-Resizing options fir photos resolutions.

4)-Option to revert AI auto function and retouching if needed.

5)-More options for better handeling the Cast feature to the tv or other devices.

6)-There is a slight lag while switching video to PiP mode aur getting back to normal mode.


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Okey everything is fine but I'm going to resolve one of your problem which is on no. 8
So to remove the ads from weather app simply follow the steps:
1. Go to phone settings
2. Go to privacy
3. Click on Ads
4. Turn on opt out of Ads personalization
That's all

So now coming to you other requests;
No. 1: Yes night charging optimisation will be a great feature and nowadays it is very popular so Samsung must look towards this feature.
No. 2: Pro settings is a basic thing but why Samsung is not providing it to the budget ones I don't know. But let's wait for the next update
No. 3: I don't think Samsung will add good lock support to these devices because these are running with ONEUI core versions so they have limited some functions with the regular UI. So it has very low chance to be available for M series.
No. 4: Definitely M30s has the same configuration but it is older device than M31 so they are giving priorities to the latest ones.
No. 5: Privacy can be implemented through software updates which will not be hardware based which are like App lock and private vault. These can be brought but Samsung are not going to look into these things as they have their KNOX security.
No. 9: Good feed is coming with ONEUI 3.1
yes bro its truee
on point 5) samsung has must to be focus on security for their users, m31s model got secure folder but other m series devices didn't git it
samsung also has to give applock for user's privacy
bro, the ads are still being shown
Samsung carefully manages the Information of User(s) and respects the choices that User(s) make. Therefore, User(s) can stop Customized Ads being displayed on mobile apps at any time, by turning on the "Opt out of Ads Personalization" option in Settings > Google > Ads. In such case, Information specified above would no longer be collected and used for customizing the ads relevant for the User. Moreover, Information collected till then would be permanently deleted after six months. However, even if the "Opt out of Ads Personalization" option is turned on, general advertisements may still appear. In such case, the device and settings information may be used to post general advertisements and to detect and block requests for false advertisements on the device.
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yes bro same problem
that's y samsung give m series phones in low prices