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#InnovationLab ..Suggestion regarding ONE UI

(Topic created on: 10-30-2021 11:07 AM)
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Dear Samsung,
I would like to suggest something which if implemented in ONE UI will prove to be a great satisfaction to users....
So when we make a call to someone I would like you all to change the animations and remove some elements .... I mean to say when we make a call first a blue shade screen comes then the actual call screen background.... it seems very inconsistent and disturbing and downgrades the overall experience... please fix this in ONE UI 4 .... Change the animation to simple fade in/out and remove that blue screen shade that comes for few seconds..... 🥺 🥺 

And Introduce new animations and improve user experience on ONE UI CORE.... you'll loose customers like this... it's a final humble request... modernize every element of ui like banners and fix inconsistent grayish banners that looks outdated on black amoled ... And change the overall design language...and whatever you do fix that call screen animation asap... One last thing when we go to a folder or recent panel remove that weird whitish translucent thing that comes it looks weird on black backgrounds....