Notifications are everywhere, and not all are created equal. Some notifications are useful and some are a nuisance, but you need to master all of them. Each app has its own way of categorically sorting and showing notifications, but no longer do we have to look a million places to get them in order. Whether you want to change the way all notifications are displayed or individual notification types from a single app, here's how to make your notifications work for you.

Notification badges — those dots or numbers that appear on app icons on the home screen or app drawer when using Samsung's launcher — are something many people love and even more people hate. Whether you want to adjust yours or turn them off altogether, adjusting them is a cake walk.

Steps to handle notifications on your device:

1. Go to settings from top down control menu.


2. Go to notifications settings.


3. Now change the Notification settings according to your preference! 


Here's a short video explaining, how to adjust your app notifications:

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