Expert Level 5


 Two benefits:

  1. you can compress the PDF file, hence achieving a smaller file size than JPG and in doing so, the original quality of the file in PDF format will still be preserved, which is not the case with JPG.
  2. Besides, you might want to convert image files to PDFs because many scanned pages are often saved in JPG format, which is not geared towards reading.

Convert JPG to PDF on your Android

  1. Download Image to Image to PDF Converter by DLM Infosoft from Google Play.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it > from the main screen, tap the + icon at the bottom > select the JPG file that you want to convert.
  3. After making your selection, tap the PDF icon on the top-right > enter the PDF details > tap OK.
  4. Your new PDF file will be saved on the phone. While this app does have annoying ads, it does its job perfectly fine.

Convert JPG to PDF on your computer offline

This method will let you do so on your Mac or Windows without having the need to install a third-party app. 


  1. If you're using a Mac computer, open the JPG file in Preview.
  2. Next, click on File > from the drop-down menu, select Export as PDF. Now, edit the name and remove the jpg extension > hit save.
  3. If you use Windows 10, open the JPG file and give the Print command i.e. Ctrl + P.
  4. In the Printer Settings, select Microsoft Print to PDF. Check the photo size and fit you want for the PDF > click Print.
  5. On the next page, enter the file name > select the location where you'll like to save the file > hit save.

Convert JPG to PDF via a website



  • Go to hipdf.com and select Image to PDF.
  • On the next screen, select JPG to PDF.
  • Next, select Choose File and then select the file that you want to convert.
  • Wait for the file to upload. Once uploaded, hit Convert. After the conversion is done, hit Download.