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Disabling Control Centre while phone is locked.

(Topic created on: 10-15-2022 11:24 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Hi, does anybody know if you can disable the pull down menu for the control centre [image belowe] while your phone is locked?

Or is this not possible? I couldn't get a definite answer on google nor in the settings menu.

If this is impossible, why? 

This seems like a security issue to me. A thief could switch off data, WiFi and location services even while the phone is locked and 'find my phone' would be useless.


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Active Level 8
There is this setting in Secure Lock which is activated by default which prevents the WiFi and mobile data from being switched off whilst it's locked. If you toggle it off then it can change. Or alternatively remove those shortcuts from the notification.Screenshot_20221016-081635_Settings.jpg