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The NOTE 10 is finally just around the corner and all the info that's presumably out itself has already made it the most awaited phone of this year.Just the things for the people who didnt know:
1.Big phone with the fastest processor available
2.UFS 3.0 fast storage 
3.Symetrical design with the cut out o camera in its smallest itteration
4.Faster charging and bigger battery
5.120Hz QHD+ Amoled display
6.Stereo speakers
7.Better connectivity and 5G
8.The new S-pen with gestures
9.Faster fingerprint scanner response 
10.Beter cameras and inclusion of macro lens
Here's 10 things that make the Note 10 a cutting edge piece of equipment and worth holding the name Davinci
Also it locks like ot ticks all the boxes for MKBHDs all time favourite phone.
And for the people that hated Bixby it might just get better.