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AOE in Gaming

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A spell that is cast over an AREA that damages anything in said area. Or, a spell that is cast upon a singular target but then affects a certain area surrounding said target.

Mass Effect 2

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The original Mass Effect was an incredibly good game, beginning what would become one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises ever.

Posted by: AS
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Why gaming is levelling up nowadays?

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The PC, as a gaming platform, has had something of a tumultuous history. Despite struggling somewhat in the early 00's thanks to console competition, the popularity of digital downloads and online multiplayer has thrust PC gaming back into the spotli...

Gaming Phone

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Is there any gaming phone in Samsung?....tell me guys and also Follow me for new latest posts and I'll see you around bye take care...

Posted by: SamGon
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PUBG Mobile?

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How are you guys running PUBG Mobile on your J Series mobiles?Is Game Launcher helping you getting a better framerate, or a smoother experience?


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Playing games on your mobil device wont have been easy without the game launcher!!!!The game launcher app allows you to have individual settings for your games Either to have a performance focused play or battery focused !!!What do you think comment ...