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s23 ultra android 14

(Topic created on: 12-06-2023 05:08 PM)
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there is an issue with android 14 on samaung devices - like once you install any apk file then uninstall it and it give you success then try to reinstall it again it will give you and update not install which mean once you uninstall the app it didnt removed the device and 

if any one install any apk from out side site then he uninstall it and then he try to install it from playstore or galaxy store it will give you error that the app still here while you already uninstall it and even if you seach of it on apps you will not find it but it will give you update on install and the only way to fix it that the custmer need to go to app details then clear that app cach and data then unistall it 

uninstall feature is not working properly
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We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have encountered. To facilitate a comprehensive investigation into the issue you've experienced, we kindly request you to submit an error report to our dedicated technical team. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated. Please follow the outlined steps below to initiate the error reporting process:

Long press the Samsung Members icon on the Apps screen and Tap Error reports.
Tap OK on the agreement popup to send system log data.
Select Symptom category.
Describe the problem in detail and SEND.