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When are you bringing these basic features to OneUI

(Topic created on: 03-03-2024 02:10 PM)
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Hi Members,

Below are list of must need features to be implemented in oneui. But I know those availbe through 3rd party apps, but I have paid for this device to have atleast must have features in it.

1. Guesture 3 finger swipe screen shot
2. Revamp widgets
3. Much more editing features in gallery, the filtera available are basic and no use
4. For the price paid atleast there must be good Wallpaper and clock customizatiom
5. None of gala y theme are good and the good one are paid. Why it is paid? Why not free. Does the price of the device doesn't include those?
4. AOD design feels like I am in 90s. None of the AOD are attractive.
5. Providing s pen but dosnt have good drawing features in Notes apps.
6. Samsung must avoid all additional apps for all extra features.
7. Even 11k INR smartphone comes with inbuilt pdf reader but not galaxy series.
8. Must n most needed network speed indicator. Am shocked that when i came know this need a 3rd party app for them. Why not in oneui? Are developers aware of this?
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LoL 👍
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