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These key Galaxy S24 features not coming to Galaxy S23 with One UI 6.1 update

(Topic created on: 03-25-2024 01:53 PM)
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1.) Full-screen Always-On Display (AOD)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a full-screen Always-On display, which displays notifications, time, and other essential information even when the phone is in standby mode. Unfortunately, this feature won’t reach the Galaxy S23

2.) Screen Vividness Adjustment Slider

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra devices have a new Vividness option under Advanced display settings. Once enabled, your smartphone will offer more vibrant display colors, as well as a more natural and customizable viewing experience.

3.) Photo Super HDR

Super HDR is one of the biggest upgrades that Samsung brought with the Galaxy S24 series. This feature displays 64x more colour so you will notice smooth videos in every take. It provides more realistic results by optimizing color contrast on bright and dark spots with Algorithm Optimisation. Super HDR analyses subject movement and noise patterns so you can make clearer videos.

4.) Advanced camera algorithm 

The Galaxy S24 Camera provides fast shooting and an advanced image quality experience. An advanced camera algorithm delivers an amazing photography experience, optimizing images to almost professional quality.

These S24 Ultra features will not be included in the S23 Ultra, but all the Galaxy AI features will come with One UI 6.1.

So if you need above all features as well in ur mobile please rush and buy S24 series .

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Yes. I read about it. Only AI features. The reason for this is that the type of processor used does not support these features in the S34 ultra and other phones that will be upgraded
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Oh No, Why! 😭