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Studio editing problems

(Topic created on: 06-11-2024 07:50 AM)
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You should not make a mistake with the edit button because if you make a mistake, the other button will become disabled for a few seconds. What is this nonsense? Is this appropriate for class flagship? This problem must be resolved as soon 
as possible
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Check for software updates

Go to Settings > tap Software update.

Tap Download and install.

If new software is available, you can choose Install now, Schedule install or Later.

If the issue is still there please report an Error using the Samsung Member Application

Launch Samsung Members app.

Tap on Support, scroll down the screen and select Error Reports.

Choose a Category below.

Make Sure That Send System Log Data is selected to help resolve your questions quickly and describe your problem in detail.

Change the Frequency to Whichever You Prefer.

You Will Get a Response Notification Shortly From Samsung.