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Some Galaxy S24 users reported display problem

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The latest flagship series, the Galaxy S24 has managed to get a record prepared, which indicates that the device is successful in grabbing the attention of consumers. But unfortunately, some bad news also arrived, as some Galay S24 device screens are not functioning as well as the flagship level. Several users have reported the faded screen, and recently there has been one more issue.

Display problems emerged for the Galaxy S24

A few days ago, Samsung officially responded to the criticism regarding the panels of the Galaxy S24 series, which are reportedly washed out in colors. The company specified that it had adjusted the colors and brightness to provide a more accurate and comfortable view during use, making changes to display technology to provide a more natural viewing experience. Users are accustomed to using the “vivid” screen mode on previous smartphones; therefore, they may face the difference in colors.

Apart from the faded screen issue, several users have reported the grainy texture, especially visible on gray and dark screens. According to a thread on Reddit several users have faced the same problems.

Also on Reddit,a user has closely observed the screen of his Galaxy S24 Ultra using a microscope. According to its testing, the device offers uneven subpixel intensity at 10% brightness, which improves at 30%, 50%, and so on. Along with this, some reports claim that the display is having color-banding issues.

However, in all these issues, it is not yet clear if this is related to display only or if there is some role for software as well. To get clarification, we need to wait for Samsung to officially recognize it and take action to fix all these issues.