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I recently bought the brand new s8 plus and today i record the slow motion video and what i see. I see that the phone is blinking while recording and after recorded. And also there is fram drop in slow motion. My friend have iphone 6 and he record the slow motion amazingly without any issues and video is so smooth. After that my friends start making fun of my s8 plus. Sham on you samsung. Solve this issue ASAP. I the screen is blinking because of 240fps. If your phone can't record proper video with 240fps then you can give the option 120fps in slow motion mode. Then we record a proper slow motion video. please do same thing.
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"Thank you for sharing your concern. Let me recommend some steps to further isolate and determine what you are experiencing. Please be aware that device speeds may vary based on multiple outside factors.

1) Check the Picture size (Camera Capacity) in camera setting (It should be Max according to Camera Capacity)
2) Turn on the Auto Flash (If Available in the Device)
3) Reset the Camera (From the Camera Setting)
4) Software update via FOTA,Kies or SMART Tool"

If still issue persist, please provide further details or reproduction steps so we can try to reproduce the issue from our end. Images or screenshots of the error are also very helpful in understanding and analyzing the issue you are having.

Please use Beta feedback error report(Samsung Members App ->Beta Feedback -> Errors -> Create -> Error reports) to open the ticket again right after the incident. Captured logs are needed in order for us to further analyze.
Note: For better assistance, please send device log files within 15 minutes of issue occurrence along with the exact issue details.

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