How does Super Slow-mo video work on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip?


In general, slow motion video works by shooting at a high frames per second (fps) rate and then playing it back at a much slower rate. 

This creates interesting videos where the action is slowed way down. With the Super Slow-mo feature, the action is shot at 960 fps, which is four times faster than regular slow motion. 

When it's played back at 30 fps, that's 32x slower, which makes everyday moments look epic. And in Super Slow-mo, you can record approximately 1 second of video captured at 960 fps on Galaxy S20 and S20+. 

Recordings on Galaxy S20 Ultra and Z Flip are captured at 480 fps and then digitally enhanced to 960 fps with 32 and 24 seconds of playback, respectively. 

To shoot a Super Slow-mo video, open the Camera app, tap Super Slow-mo, and start recording for some amazing action.

Super Slow motion use very fast shutter speed. In comparison with normal video, Super slow motion use short exposure time and high sensitivity in the same illumination.

Streaks on Super slow motion video are caused by flicker of light source. As Super slow motion use very fast shutter speed, a flash of light that is invisible to the human being is recorded on the camera. And it appears shape of line in the characteristics of the camera(CMOS) sensor.
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There is also an option to remove flicker on the 3-dot menu when editing slow motion video.