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Samsung developing 50MP mode for Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP sensor

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It’s almost confirmed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be featuring the biggest camera upgrades in the history of Samsung. Earlier, it was rumored that the 200MP camera on Galaxy S23 Ultra might miss a feature seen on Chinese phones, but, the source now revealed that 50MP mode is now under development.

As per IceUniverse sources, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will introduce 50MP camera mode using the 200MP image sensor in addition to 12.5MP and the full 200MP resolution. The tipster revealed that the hardware is capable of enabling 50MP shooting mode, while the software part needs to be optimized.

To make 50MP shooting mode possible with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP image sensor, Samsung has reportedly started working on an exclusive variant of camera app. The company may bring a new Samsung Camera app version with Galaxy S23 Ultra to offer the best photography features on the flagship.

few days back, it was noted that the Galaxy S23 Ultra misses 50MP shooting mode and brings just two options including the 12.5MP and 200MP. Less resolution reduces the size of image therefore, the 50MP mode will produce better images by occupying less storage compared to the full 200MP resolution.

Apart from this information, the same source recently revealed that the 200MP camera sensor specially made for Galaxy S23 Ultra is quite advanced compared to the other three 200MP sensors Samsung launched so far including the ISOCELL HP1, HP3 and HPX.

It’s expected that the Galaxy S23 Ultra may be equipped with ISOCELL HP2 sensor and Samsung could make it further advanced by optimizing the software with hardware. As Samsung is already a master of smartphone camera tech, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will surely be the beast!