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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra One UI Software Update Tracker

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Samsung galaxy s23 series is eligible for new software update until February 2028. Within its five-year software update lifespan, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will receive several new security patches, and feature drops as well as a total of 4 Android upgrades by Samsung.

The company listed the Galaxy S23 Ultra along with the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus for new software updates every month. This means, your device will get the latest Android patches every month until February 2027 (at least four years).

S23 Ultra Software — Current Status

  1. [stable] Android & One UI — Android 14 & One UI 6.0 | us carriers 
  2. [Next UI] Android & One UI — One UI 6.1
  3. [one ui] Security Patch — January 2024
  4. [Android] Google Play System — November 2023

Future Software Update [Expected]

Samsung will provide a total of four major OS upgrades and five years of security patches.

Android OS

  •  One UI 6.1, powered by Android 14 – After February 2024 patch [source]

Incremental Software

  1. February 2024 Android security patch — Rollout next week!
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Basic feature for always on display on S23 ultra after one ui 6.1. This is annoying