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S24Ultra Biometrics

(Topic created on: 02-19-2024 03:20 AM)
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Surely I'm not the only one having trouble with biometrics (Face+Fingerprint). I've been resetting it every day since I got it. The face works only in the same environment it was set up, whereas the fingerprint works one day and not the next... Add a screen protector (sensitive to touch) and the whole thing is almost non-functional!
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vStrange issue, i did not face any of these problems before... 🤔
I installed screen protecter and everythings work normally! 👍
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Me too
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I am facing the same issue on my S24 Ultra, once with face, so I reset it and did it again so far its working but make sure you toggle on brighten screen to face unlock otherwise it will again stop working. As some environments are darker, the camera might not catch your facial elements clearly. As for fingerprint scanner, I noticed that it's even more sensitive than my previous S23 Ultra. After applying the glass protector, if my fingers are dry, it will not read easily, but slight moisture it instantly unlocks.... so for me, I blow air on my thumb and then press firmly it unlocks...also I tried removing glass protector and using my thumb even dry it unlocks instantly. I think it's with the glass distance between the sensor that is causing this failure. There is something about this that needs to be fixed. I am assuming it's related to software. I mean, Samsung hardware seldom encounters any defects on this scale. I am hoping the next update will fix this issue.
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Same Issues Here Fingerprint Not Working Well
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Follow my instructions
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please follow steps
go to (settings)
then (display)
and then (touch sensivity)

Go to this setting and check Enable Touch Sensitivity
And other important work
Cancel your fingerprint and register it again. Enroll number one fingerprint and also enroll number two fingerprint keep same enrollment with both hope this will solve your problem
As shown in this image, register both fingerprints, you can also register three if you want, the more the more, the more Touch sensitivity will be.1708316215167.jpg1708317379756.jpg
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I only use fingerprints (don't trust face unlock with a single camera) and never faced this issue. Usually, as a best practice, I register my left thumb twice and right thumb twice. I could say the fingerprint sensor is more than 90% of the time works fine.
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Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to address the biometric authentication issues:

1. Re-register Biometrics: Sometimes, re-registering your face and fingerprints can improve accuracy and reliability. Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Face/Fingerprint recognition, and delete and re-register your face and fingerprints.

2. Update Software: Ensure that your device's software is up to date by checking for any available updates in the Settings app. Software updates may include bug fixes and improvements that can enhance biometric authentication performance.

3. Clear Cache Partition: Sometimes, clearing the cache partition can resolve various issues on your device, including biometric authentication problems. The steps to clear the cache partition vary depending on the device model, so you may need to look up specific instructions for your device.

4. Remove Screen Protector: If you're using a screen protector that interferes with touch sensitivity, try removing it temporarily to see if it improves the performance of the biometric authentication.

5. Check Environment: Ensure that the environment where you're trying to use face recognition is well-lit and free from obstructions. Poor lighting or obstacles can affect the accuracy of face recognition.