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S22 - Bluetooth Audio Poor Output

(Topic created on: 05-28-2022 01:34 PM)
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I see that this complaint has been raised before and the solutions haven't worked. Disabling Absolute Volume and Atmos does nothing. The reason for my post is to bring the complaint up once again.

Complaint is that the Bluetooth audio output of the S22 Ultra is flat and has weak bass. When comparing with my old S8 or my iPhone there is a day and night difference. I have tested this on my car and my Bluetooth headphones and experienced the same issue.

Awaiting Samsung to fix this. This complaint is running around the community since Feb and still no resolution!

Thanks in advance. 
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We will try to diagnose the issue through Samsung Members app. Open the app < Get Help < Diagnostics < Bluetooth, and check the results. 

Then kindly try to reset the network settings by following these steps, It will erase saved Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth connections. 

Step 1 Swipe up or down to view the apps. 

Step 2 Press Settings. 

Step 3 Scroll to and touch General management. 

Step 4 Press Reset.

Step 5 Press Reset network settings.

Step 6 Press Reset settings.

And then try to do a soft reset for the device by pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it. This will Not delete any data from the device. 

If the problem persists, please send us an Error Report by following the steps below.

Head to the Members app > Get Help > Error Report > Tap 'OK' to send System Log Data > Select the symptom, and include as much detail as possible.

To ensure your logs accurately reflect the issue you're experiencing, we'd like you to submit your report within 5 minutes of encountering the problem. Our engineers will then investigate this and respond to you with a solution via the Members app.

Hope you find it useful. 

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I have tried the diagnostic tests and the soft reset. The problem isn't with my device alone, its a Samsung software issue and the same complaint is running in other Samsung Communities as well. Kindly refer to the below link, same no bass on Bluetooth is running in the US and European Samsung Communities as well.


The Bluetooth audio output is weak and flat. When comparing with iPhone or even older Samsung devices (S8 in my case) its terrible.

Hope you could escalate this complaint and a software update is released to resolve the same.

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I too have this issue on my S22 Ultra's Bluetooth Audio output.  It is shocking, actually.  I initially thought the Bluetooth receiver I purchased had an issue with EQ.  But no.  When I linked my computer to it, and transmitted the same audio file, I got the expected frequency response.

There is ZERO doubt that the EQ is screwy on the output.

Now, I will try some of the suggestions here, in order to troubleshoot this.  Resetting Network Connections is not a solution, though.

The EQ is super hyped on the top end, and extremely weak on the low end.

And just to save you the trouble, I'm monitoring through a McIntosh integrated amplifier into a set of JBL 4412 Studio Monitors.,  So, I can assure you that the equipment on my end is not the issue here.  It is the EQ of the audio signal being sent to the Bluetooth output on the phone...WHICH SHOULD BE FLAT (as in, it should play the digital file exactly as  recorded, with no EQ curve superimposed).

It would be helpful if you could get an audio specialist to view this thread. 

Thank you for any information you can provide.

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I am 99% sure this is a driver/software issue that came with a recent update.

It started about a month ago on my Note 10+, which has:

4.1 One

Android 12


Compile SP1A,210812,016,N975FXXUH8HVGA


It's true for all my bluetooth headphones or airpods.

It's like it sometimes forces to play at 16 bit audio for some reason and then randomly jumps back to its always good quality. At first I thought my bose QC35 were breaking but then it was the same on my sony inears.

Usually only plays bad for a couple minutes and just starts working again.

Then I bought a new phone trough carrier and got a S22+ and its the same thing on it.

And I never had these issues on my note10 for years, which is my I feel pretty certain something regarding bluetooth changed in a recent update, maybe a codec or some compatibility thing or whatever.


Just trying to get you in the right direction and hopefully you can push another update that solves it because its the most annoying bug I've ever experienced since getting my first 386....



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I was very disappointed to learn of this, esp from first using it and hearing the difference. Then having to read of others having a similar issue, with thus far, no real solution. 

I loved listening to music and getting that thump on my S10, now "upgrading" to the S22 to get this experience...please fix this issue and out an update Samsung.

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I recently purchased an S22 and when i connected it to my car stereo over Bluetooth, i also experienced very weak output. The audio just didn't have any punch to it, bass sounded really low. I immediately switched back to my current phone which is a pixel 4a and sound coming out of the car was great again. I quite liked the Galaxy S22 and would like to use it but this audio quality is forcing me to go back to my older phone. Not a very good first impression Samsung. 

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Hello Shabi, onething that helped me to some extent is as follows

Developer options>Enable Disable Absolute Volume

Under settings>sounds>volume>three dots>Media Volume limit > Custom Limit (move bar all the way right)

Use Jazz audio profile to improve the bass

One more option which I don't like but people recommended is going into Adapt sound>Age 60+ (boost all frequencies)

Hope it improves the audio to some extent.
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Also under developer options change
Bluetooth Audio Codec to AAC
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Hi, just purchased a new S22 Ultra and am also very disappointed sound quality  via bluetooth. My partner's note 9 produces far better music sound quality on our Harmon kardon bluetooth  speaker. It's more rich, lively with better base and has more clarity. Whereas the S22 ultra sounds flat, weak with hardly any  bass and not much clarity.  Shocking for a much newer flagship phone to have such bad bluetooth sound quality.

Tried different sound quality settings including in developer options. Nothing worked.

Samsung, please fix this issue if possible through software updates. The S22 Ultra may be my last Samsung flagship phone unless bluetooth audio quality is improved substantially.