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S 24 ultra quick review

(Topic created on: 03-07-2024 08:38 PM)
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Got my s24 ultra today. Here are some of my thoughts:
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a powerful and feature-packed phone that lives up to its "Ultra" name. It has a gorgeous display, a versatile camera system, and long battery life. Here's a quick rundown of my experience so far. The phone is sleek, feels and looks as if it was lazer cut out of superman's meteor rock. Even at 5 percent I pushed it, writing this review and it didn't die on me! At least not like the S21 ultra ! Cameras even good in complete dark environments. I am really impressed and the keyboard is super intelligent!
Samsung made an excellent device,bravo!

Here's a few tips though:
With transferring stuff from your old device,iphone and other Android phones, only transfer apps with data that is not in the cloud,the apps with cloud data can still sync in background, and the transfer becomes a lot shorter and you can still use your device. Do whatsapp separately, but with Ios unfortunately with the icloud issue,you unfortunately have to select whatsapp to sync via smart switch. Also update all your apps first before initiating smart switch, otherwise you will be plagued with pop ups and sync interruptions!

Here is my setup:



I got the body glove screen protector, although I loose the anti glare, this time around no curved screen , it is a perfect fit! First time in Samsung history the fingerprint sensor works perfectly with the glass and it is full glue and installs flawless. This is a definite win.
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