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Notification sound appears in voice message.

(Topic created on: 03-17-2024 05:04 AM)
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I have Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and I have encountered an issue that I believe it shouldn't betherein the first place sincei use oppo google pixel , iphone and xiaomi all of them do not have this issue . While recording voice messages in applications like WhatsApp or other social media apps if a notification comes in, the sound of the notification alert is apprears in the voice message; this can be disruptive and affect the quality of the voice message I think the sound of the notification alert could be muted or at least excluded from the voice message while the microphone is in use for recording. I have tried to solve this issue with Bixby routines, but there doesn't seem to be a condition available for when the microphone is being used. I send a feedback to sumsng and the automatic reply response with irrelevant replie !!. Please any one can help me.
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This is common to all the phones. At least I have faced this with iPhone and Pixel (notification sounds while using the phone - specially in calls).

In Samsung Galaxy, I'm using below routine.

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To address this issue, we recommend exploring the "Do Not Disturb" settings and Bixby Routines on your device. While Bixby Routines may not have a specific condition for when the microphone is in use, you can create custom routines to manage notification sounds based on certain triggers.

We suggest creating a routine that activates "Do Not Disturb" mode or sets notification sounds to silent when you enter specific apps like WhatsApp or other social media apps. Additionally, you can explore the "Sound & vibration" settings to customize notification sounds for individual apps.