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Instagram Mode Camera in Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9

(Topic created on: 01-04-2020 03:05 PM)
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Hi. Another day another suggestion. Many of us are using Instagram stories and I'm not the only one who notice that Android users are currently suffering in low quality picture and video on IG stories. Some photos are blurry, videos are the same as CCTV videos. But, owners of Galaxy S10 series are fortunately excluded because of IG mode on their stock camera and when you take a picture or videos on the camera is the same result as when you take your photos on stock camera and say it or not they can compete with iPhone users because of high quality. Why does we need to suffer from low quality photos and videos when we have a community that we can reach out like this. We need the IG camera mode on our stock camera please ! 

Thank you for reading ! 
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Thank you for your concern please send an error report in Samsung members. Make sure to replicate the issue first before sending the error report.