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I hate the S20 plus!!!

(Topic created on: 03-18-2021 08:55 AM)
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Galaxy S

owning this phone has been a NIGHTMARE and a complete waste of money. I've bought only samsung for 15 years and I'll NEVER buy another after this one,  they ripped us off and they should be refunding S20 owners. 

I've had this phone for 1 year and I just replaced the screen for the THIRD time.  I've NEVER CRACKED A PHONE SCREEN IN MY LIFE!! This thing is made of freaking garbage.  it overheats. the camera focus is horrible.  android auto was so glitchy for the first 6 months it was unusable. 

now it won't turn on and I have to go to the repair shop again tomorrow. MORE MONEY.  forgot to mention, samsung keeps raising the price of the screens and it now cost $325 minimum for a replacement. 

I'm PISSED and now I'm probably going to lose family vacation photos because of this horrible phone. 

KMA samsung, you'll never get another penny from me. 

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Please bring your device to a Samsung service center to help resolve the issue by a technician.