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Hyper links support in Samsung Notws

(Topic created on: 04-14-2024 10:35 PM)
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Dear Samsung Notes Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request an enhancement to the Samsung Notes application that I believe would significantly improve user experience: native hyperlink support.

Currently, when URLs are included in notes, they appear as plain text. This not only makes them unclickable but also affects the readability and aesthetics of our notes. The ability to embed URLs with a title or replacement text would be a valuable addition. It would allow users to maintain clean, organized notes while still having quick access to relevant online content.

Feature Requests
  • Title/Replacement Text: Users should be able to set a descriptive title for the URL, which would be displayed as clickable text within the note.
  • URL Redirection: Upon clicking the title text, the application should redirect to the specified URL in a web browser.
This feature would align Samsung Notes with other leading note-taking applications and is a standard expectation among users in today's digital environment.

I believe that implementing this feature would not only enhance the functionality of Samsung Notes but also demonstrate Samsung's commitment to user feedback and continuous improvement.
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Great suggestions.

To make plain text links/URL clickable in the notes, follow the steps below:

1. Open Samsung notes.

2. Select the hamburger icon (top-left corner).

3. Select the gear icon (top-right corner) on the left side panel/drawer, which you just opened by selecting the hamburger icon.

4. Under "Advanced," enable "Show links in notes."

The above steps no longer show links as plain text, but clickable, colored in blue and underlined when out of editing mode, and that was the part for only fixing the unclickable plain text link.SmartSelect_20240415_152022_Samsung Notes_1000125182_1713180023.pngScreenshot_20240415_152007_Samsung Notes_1000125181_1713180008.pngSmartSelect_20240415_151854_Samsung Notes_1000125180_1713179935.png