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Today I want to share with you how I fixed my Galaxy S7 Edge black screen of death. Is your phone not turning on even if you tried hard resetting the phone and everything even put it in the refrigerator for how many minutes? And all you get is black screen and if you turn your phone on you just a get a green light flicker for about a split second and the touch buttons on the sides of the home button doesn't light up? Well this is the fix for it (worked for me anyway). Try hard resetting the phone and then wait for the blue LED light to light up and then start pressing the Volume up button, Power button, and the Home button for 5 seconds and then wait for a 1 second and do it again for another 5 seconds just wait for a little bit and your phone should turn itself on. TIP: make sure your phone has the Always on Display turned on this is just a temporary fix it might come back again and make sure the Night Clock is on too. It might be because your phone's monitor isn't doing very well at displaying the appropriate image I am not a technician, my advice is going to a nearby Samsung Authorized Repair Shop for more safety and permanent fix.
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bro you shoud do power rebot by long press volume down and power button holding both button when your cell phone auto rebot and show samsung logo ! 😊