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First Impression on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra!

(Topic created on: 01-18-2021 06:34 PM)
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I went to SAMSUNG store in Dubai Mall just to get a close look at the Galaxy S21 device and believe me I can’t say enough about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, here is what I loved about it at my first impression:


  • The color and the finish of the phantom black is really luxurious, you can feel it from the first touch.
  • Director view is impressing while you can see the view with all cameras before you start shooting.
  • Single take mood it is just like personal video editor, its amazing. 
  • The10x optical zoom where you will never loose the quality of your resolution 
  • Supporting the S Pen is really what I always wanted with the S series. 

Of course there are much other features I loved about the device and I will definitely write my detailed review when I get to have my device in hands. 


Let me know if you had a chance to go to SAMSUNG store what is your first impression about the Galaxy S21 devices, specially the Galaxy S21 Ultra.



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So cool! Thanks for giving us a look at the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G! Looking forward to hear more from you, Ambassador!