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I pre-booked the galaxy Tab a7 and purchased it on 9th October 2020. I had entered the email and activated the tab with the phone number I had done the pre-booking with. It has remained the same until 16th October when I removed the registered sim and activated a different number for just a couple hours and then I re-downloaded the Samsung shop app to redeem the book cover offer started from 15th October but there is a problem that is, the OTP to check the offer eligibility is repeatedly sent on the other number which I only activated for a short time in Tab A7. So, I'm not able to redeem as it says clearly "this offer can only be redeemed for Tab A7 users". I have used the same email from which I pre-booked the device but the number got changed itself. Please respond immediately as I need the book cover urgently!!! As I'm not able to use it properly.

Samsung is really pathetic in terms of these offers. They are so complicated .
Dude, you should have read and tried to follow all process to the point.
Why you used another SIM even for few minutes ?
I remember my friends had to struggle and get offer with S9.
Now all you can do is to call Samsung shop helpline and literally beg them.
That also won't guarantee any positive outcome.

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