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Since my update started this early morning I discover this issues on my Samsung (S9+): 
1) Google Play can't update the apps because continues closing.
2) Mobile restarts suddently at times.
3) Battery drains faster.
4) All apps closes when using for a bit.
5) Lack of info and support.
6) Apps runs slowly than android 9 and some gets frozen.
7) No option to go backwards on the software.

PLEASE if the new version of the android is not ready, lets us know when the post update fix is ready. Thanks for the efford.

UPDATE: Is a memory issue that makes the apps crashed. I followed this link tips and i mnaged to fox by myself:

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After the update, everything works perfectly. The phone is much faster. If you have problems, reboot the phone, if it doesn’t help, do a general reset, this will definitely help.✌✌✌
Community Manager

Hey, we are sorry for what you have been facing.

Can you please contact our call center on 800 7267864 and request Remote Management to help you with your issue.

Thank you

Beginner Level 3
I managed to fix the problem of apps crashing following the tips of this website.