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is samsung on max (or) j7max get pie update.eagerly waiting for pie.please clear my doubts and also security patch of spril

android 10 Q software update for galaxy on8

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Hi I have not receieved any software updates since january 30 2020 on my samsung galxy on8 ( its name is in the list of quarterly updates and its name is also in the android 10Q update list ) i am in doubt that wether it will recieve android 10 in ju...

Heating issue

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Sir, My galaxy on nxt smart phone is getting heated when I turn on data mode. As the mobile gets heated suddenly the battery charge goes down by 30 to 40 % and all of a sudden the mobile shuts down. What's the reason? Can anyone suggest a remedy for ...

regarding apps deleted automatically

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In last 5 days i am noticing some apps deleted automatically on my phone Samsung on7 prime like Facebook lite,ludo king,vlc player,uc browser etc. I don't know what happening. When i was search particular app it's show for again install like when we ...

simple bug report

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This is regarding mobile hotspotScenario: if any device ask for static IPBug: the device that requested static ip won't added/listed in connected devices Everything ealse works fine

regarding Samsung phone purchases

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I'm not interested again to purchases Samsung phones because Samsung is looted all time .so i am shifting to purchase other brands mobile like REALME,VIVO....etc. Samsung always delayed in updates and forgot 1 yr old mobile update. 😡😡😡