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Dear Samsung Mobile,

This is feedback of my service request 3764703339 and Bill Number 4313461798

i don’t know how to explain my happy and love towards Samsung really I got wonderful support from each and every one from the day begin. 

From Chennai Samsung Head Office Mr. Kamlesh Sir and Manisha Mam given me awesome support and they taken ownership of my issue and followup with multiple people daily and given me update very frequently. 

And special thanks to Samsung service center team T.Nagar Chennai they are given me wonderful support, and all are observed my issue and reacted very well. They are very truth to customer hands off to you Team. 

I have called service center almost daily Helpdesk Madam Mohana Priya answered my all call and cleared my all queries without showing any angry. I really surprised how she is handling all customer calls daily and satisfying customer always Thank you so much for all your effect
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I also loves the Samsung community ecosystem! Chapeau Samsung