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What each camera lens does? Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 4/25/21 12:55 PM)
Galaxy Note
Hi Members,
By this time, you may be familiar with the triple camera setup of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. Why can’t we take a deeper look at the cameras and its capabilities? 
The first and top most camera is a 12MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera. As the name suggests, this camera can shoot images or videos at 0.5X zoom, in other words, the camera have a 120 degree field of view. Here is a sample photo shot with the Ultra-Wide Angle Camera.
0.5X Zoom
The one in the middle is the 108MP main camera. This camera module can capture crisp photos with a very good amount of details. This camera will be used to record photos or videos from 1X zoom to approximately 5X zoom. Because of the larger sensor size, this camera module can achieve a good amount of background isolation and can capture better photos in night. Sample pic is below.
1X Zoom
The bottom most camera is a 12MP telephoto camera which Samsung Calls Space Zoom Camera. We can get 5X optical zoom and up to 50X digital zoom with this camera. We can get good quality shots without moving towards the subject. Let's zoom in more
5X Zoom
That's crazy right? Let's push it further. 
20X Zoom
Still great amount of details in the pic. Why can't we go more? 
50X Zoom
The 50X zoom pic is still worth a click right? 

Which camera is your favourite among the three?

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Galaxy Note

Oh! Thats amazing. I will get a Note 20 very soon.

Community Manager
Galaxy Note

Great choice!