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Take Notes Like a Boss

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Note-taking strategies to tackle your to-do list.


Whether you write them, scratch them, or jot them, everyone needs to take notes. If you’re looking for an edge in the conference room or just need an overhaul in the lecture hall, we’ve got 4 note-taking strategies to help you figure out how to be more productive and out-boss your boss.





1. Do it the write way the first time

You may want to skip a step and type your notes right into your preferred word processor, but writing notes by hand boosts your memory power—and you want to get as much of your gray matter working as possible. Plus, a stylus like the Samsung Galaxy S Pen makes it easy to write right on screen, and the Note9 can turn all your handwriting into text later.



2. Don’t just listen—listen actively

Many note-takers simply hear a speaker’s points and write them down. Active listening means paying attention to what the speaker is saying and how they’re saying it. Instead of repeating verbatim, try paraphrasing their points. Re-contextualizing their point means you understand it enough to say it in your own words.



3. Capture creativity on the go

Ever spent thirty minutes racking your brain for that great idea you had at lunch that you would “totally remember later?” Chances are, you could benefit from having a quick way to capture thoughts on the fly. Your phone can be a great way to leave yourself voice memos or write and doodle straight on the screen.



4. Take note of your free time

Powering through a long day of tasks might sound like the best way to get it all done, but mental drain and fatigue will do more to slow you down than taking a break ever will. It’s important to make time for things you enjoy to allow your mind to rest and refresh. Take a walk, grab a coffee, or just do a lap of the office—you’ll come back and hit the to-do list even harder.

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