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Note 20 Ultra Call Issues & Temporary Workaround

(Topic created on: 03-31-2021 02:40 PM)
Galaxy Note
Since the last February update, i started having calls issue, only in the morning after i wake up and a full night of charging and no phone use (none throughout the day, but can be a coincidence.)

1-Whoever i call, the call drops instantly.

2-If somebody calls me, i CANNOT hear them NOR they can hear me.

I thought the person i was calling had a 3rd party DND or placed me on a blocked/reject list until i made several other calls. 

I tried to troubleshoot the issue with different workarounds till i found the fastest way, hopefully temporarily:

1- Restarting the phone ( Longest way - 30 seconds+, fixes it ) 
2- Turning On and Off the Airplane Mode ( Shortest - 5 seconds, fixes it) 

I have reported the issue, because it's happening every other day, i want to see if it's software related as i have 2 sims from 2 different operators Etisalat/Du. 

The phone was reset recently. 

Sims were removed and cleaned, but issue kept on occurring after that. 

Kindly let me know if you are facing the same exact issues, and if you found a PERMANENT solution, whether Online or from Samsung. 

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Hi there,

Please try these steps:

- From Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search for network or search manual > Select the right network.

- From Network Mode > LTE Auto connect.

- Then Restart the phone.

- If the same issue exists, please open Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings > Enter the PIN of the screen > Reset network settings.

- Try another SIM card.

-Otherwise, please contact the network provider.

If the issue still exists, you may need to submit your device to one of our authorized service centers in order to better assist you using below link.