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Am using galaxy note 9. How can i lock my apps with fingerprint?? Pls help
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u can't without third party app
use secure folder and add your app in desire folder you don't want to use by another person this is the only way without 3rd party aap
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Thank you for reaching out to the Samsung community! We would like to inform that you can use Secure folder application for the same. Kindly follow the steps to use Secure folder:

Setting up Secure Folder
1 Launch the Secure Folder app.
Alternatively, launch the Settings app and tap Biometrics and security → Secure Folder.
2 Tap START.
3 Tap SIGN IN and sign in to your Samsung account.
4 Select a lock method to use for Secure Folder and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

To change the name or icon colour of Secure Folder, tap → Customise icon.
• When you launch the Secure Folder app, you must unlock the app using your preset lock method.
• If you forget your Secure Folder unlock code, you can reset it using your Samsung account. Tap the reset button at the bottom of the locked screen, and enter your Samsung account password.

Adding apps
Add an app to use in Secure Folder.
1 Launch the Secure Folder app and tap Add apps.
2 Tick one or more apps installed on the device and tap ADD. To install apps from Play Store or Galaxy Apps, tap DOWNLOAD FROM PLAY STORE or DOWNLOAD FROM GALAXY APPS.

Removing apps from Secure Folder
Tap Edit apps, tick apps, and then tap Uninstall.

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