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Hello fellow samsungers

so.. I love the camera on the note 8 and so I also love the Google camera's portrait mode.

Naturally the first thing I did was to try all available/announced working versions from XDA.

I will post below forum links etc. and the one that's working for me.

1. GCam_5.1.018._V8 posted by @msohail_7 from XDA

2. B.S.G's modded camera posted by @omar9x from XDA
Download latest V8.2

Forum Link:

3. Kusaku's Google camera mods (Also BSG mods)
he doesn't have a thread but from below link you can see his work is intensive as he's built for miltiple devices.
All Builds named "GC" & "GoogleCamera" works on the exynos variants. this is my favourite Google camera app and the current one I am using.

I seek to understand which version works for your device and which variants of note 8 you have. these builds are mostly for the exynos variant though.

I do not take credit for these apps or their development. this is just to encourage our developers and also as a platform for them to accumulate feedback and improve further. for support regarding any issues after installing them, please use the thread. id help as much as my experience and usage permits.

Thank you.

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