I will be sharing all the features and improvements I found. You will be surprised! The video was 25min long but I have shortened it as much as possible to 12min.


VIDEO - https://youtu.be/X6SHHwN6XLk


The Changes, Improvements and Features.

  • Lock Screen Clock Reposition, Lock Icon, Widgets

  • Quick Panel, Transparent

  • Bluetooth Name Next to Samsung Music

  • Media, Audio Output, Battery Life, Music Share, Smart View

  • Volume UI, Live Caption

  • Double Tap to Wake, Double Tap to Sleep

  • Passcode UI

  • Samsung Messages Recycle Bin

  • Contacts Icons, Reposition

  • Call Background, Layout, Cool Wallpapers

  • Camera Locked AF, Brightness Slider, Performance

  • Gallery Buttons Reposition, Recycle Bin Days Indicator, Shadow Filter, Original Picture Deletes After Edit

  • Set As Wallpaper Always on Display and Call Background

  • Automatic Permission Remover | Improved Privacy

  • NEW Dynamic Wallpapers Every 2 Weeks

  • Advanced S-Finder, Hashtag Suggestion Section

  • Notification Pop-up Style Brief and Detailed, Color by Keyword

  • Advanced Do Not Disturb Mode, Exception Apps

  • Floating Notification, Bubbles, Smart Pop-up View

  • Advanced Notification History

  • Settings: Samsung Account

  • Mobile Hotspot 5GHz Band option

  • Display Updated Screen Resolution UI with Details

  • Full Gesture Navigation Sensitivity Blue Guide Bar

  • Hijri Calendar Added

  • Advanced Features: Samsung DeX, Android Auto Configuration

  • One Hand Mode, Resize, Reposition

  • Updated Video Enhancer Options

  • NEW Samsung Apps Settings

  • IMPORTANT Disable Work Profile or Work Apps Data Access

  • Accessibility, TalkBalk

  • Device Care, Restart Logs

  • Battery Graph, Statistics, Screen on Time

  • Power Saving Mode, No More Unwanted Loading Time, Max Saving Mode

  • Enhanced Processing

  • Improved S Pen Alert

  • 3 Updated Samsung Apps, Internet Hide Status Bar, My Files Favorite, Reminder Microsoft Sync Support

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ One UI 3.0 Beta 1 Review - What's New? 48 New Features and Improvements! Samsung One UI 3.0 Beta 2 Coming Soon! S10 & Note 10.How to ...
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Hi when its Available for M30s
you will probably get a stable one ui 3 after March or April, if m30s is eligible for one ui 3.
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what about the battery life ? What's the SoT ?

The first week it was horrible, 4-5 hours SoT and overheating issue. After setting most of the apps to deep sleep, I am not getting 8 hours SoT without power saving

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what is passcode ui ?