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Cannot give storage access to link Sharing app on Note 9

(Topic created on: 08-08-2021 08:48 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy Note

Up until last week, i was able to use the Link Sharing app on my Note 9 but after the update (version, via Galaxy Store, I cannot get it to work. It always prompts me to allow access to Storage but once I hit allow nothing happens.  From Settings > Apps > Link Sharing > App Settings > Permissions, out of three required permission i can allow access to Contacts and Camera, but not Storage. its grayed out at "Deny" and can't be to "Allow". Could someone please help me out with this.

FYI i don't have any third-party apps on my phone which could cause this issue.

Thanks in advance!!

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Expert Level 1
Galaxy Note
Try after Clearing the cache and data.
Apps > Link Sharing > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data. Thank you.