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Android 13 & one UI 5

(Topic created on: 12-04-2022 04:33 AM)
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I didn't receive any updates for android 13 and one UI 5, on my Note 20 yet.. can anyone tell me how i can get it. Please in detail if you can? 
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Note 20 has received the One UI 5.0 Update. Kindly update your phone, by following these steps:

• Open settings,
• Scroll down to software update,
• Click on check for updates,
• There will be an option to download the update.
• Download it and restart it.

If there isn't a option to download the update. Then you must be running on One UI 5.0. Thank you for reading. Up-vote if helpful.
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At the first I'm Very thankful for responding to my questions, but as you can see in the screen shot.. I still on the old version and there is no new one.!
Your opinion will be helpful.Screenshot_20221206-024655_Software update.jpgScreenshot_20221206-024046_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20221206-024029_Settings.jpg